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Beauty secrets…

Every girl has her own beauty ritual, and if it’s good she might cherish it forever… Like I will….

Here are my absolute favorites for daily skin care:

When I come home at night I remove my make up with BIODERMA sensibio H2O, it immediately removes all the make up from my eyes and face without leaving my skin all red like most products, instead it leaves my skin fresh and clean. This is definitely one of the products I will never ever abandon…

After removing my make up I purify my face with Purifying rice toner L’occitane, it leaves my skin perfectly clean and light.To finish I use this amazing soft cream, NUXE crémé fraiche.  It literally dethirsts my skin and leaves it amazingly soft and fresh. I use this cream also every morning after taking my shower, it’s perfect for prorecting my skin from the cold, and what I love is that it also hydrates my lips at the same time!

MY makeup kit

I simply just love makeup.. Every time I walk by Sephora I can’t help myself, I always leave with a new peachy blush or a delicious lipstick.. However my everyday make up isn’t that glamorous.. Here are some of my must habe for every day make up:
extracils mascara chanel
moisture rich foundation bobbi brown
tender blush estée lauder


Bonjour everyone

After several months of reading all those wonderful blogs you’ve created, I thought how hard could it to do it myself. I always had  an urge to start a blog but I never really had the courage, somehow it feels so bizarre that the whole world is able to read what I write… But then again, that’s the point of doing this, sharing your thoughts with the rest of the world…

Now here I am ready to share my passion for fashion, life and all that comes along with all of you...

…Living  in the most fabulous city of the world that has changed my life and inspired me with it’s culture, architecture, fashion and breathtaking beauty. I can’t get enough of just walking around discovering new things more beautiful and interesting.

So here I go hoping that some of you will be pleased to enter my little world full of cherries and pearls…